Corrosion Inhibitors for Aviation Industry

Zip-Chem manufactures required chemicals for civil and military aircrafts and maintenance.

Products designed for aviation industry includes lubrication, corrosion inhibitors, cleaners, sealants, adhesives and solvents.

Zip-Chem understands the importance of environmentally friendly product requirement and weight factor in aviation industry, products which are ozone and air quality friendly can be applied in thin layers.

Zip-Chem is a accredited company by most of the aircraft carriers (Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Bombadier and Sillously) and some of the military aircrafts.

Product Range:

Sur-Prep is a line of avionics and general-purpose surface preparation cleaners.

The Aero-Lube™ line of aircraft lubricants includes multi purpose greases, silicones, teflon, molybdenum disulfide, and graphite lubricants.

The Calla® product line is a line of aircraft cleaners and disinfectants for interior and exterior cleaning.

Cor-Ban® is a line of corrosion inhibiting products specifically formulated for the demanding specifications of aviation maintenance.

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