Molykote Lubricants for Vehicle Exterior Design

Design for Lightweight Styling Durability

Meet your critical lubrication requirements for advanced vehicle exterior design with Molykote brand specialty lubricants from Dow Consumer Solutions.

With our in-depth expertise, a heritage of innovation, problem-solving collaboration and reliable global supply and technical support, these high-performance Smart Lubrication™ solutions are precisely formulated and application-matched to help you achieve:

  • Energy efficiency with reduced friction losses and increased wear control
  • Comfort and design with enhanced smoothness and reduced noise and vibration
  • Safety with added component reliability, less wear and more corrosion resistance
  • Sustainability with increased process efficiency and durable component service life

Design for lightweight styling durability with a choice of Molykote brand Smart Lubrication solutions:

  • Greases with special additives to resist water washout, evaporation or oxidation
  • Silicone compounds for light-load lubricating and sealing in extreme temperatures
  • Anti-seize pastes with high levels of lubricating solids for heavy loads and slow speeds
  • Anti-friction coatings for clean, dry-film lubrication to control friction, wear and noise
  • Solids and powders for plastics lubrication and specialized friction-control additives
  • Oils and dispersions with performance additives in synthetic or mineral blends

Innovate With Smart Science

Proven, effective Molykote brand Smart Lubrication solutions can help you meet vehicle exterior design goals for durable styling innovation:

Reduce mass without compromising durability

  • Sunroof, panoramic roof slides
  • Sliding door, liftgate rails
  • Adaptive front lighting systems (AFS) actuators and guides

Reduce squeaks, rattles and unwanted noise

  • Mirrors, antennas
  • Body-control actuators
  • Windshield wiper motors and levers
  • Control/release cables

Protect and lubricate vehicle security and access

  • Door entry, latching and locking systems
  • Hood, trunk, liftgate and sliding door opening and latching mechanisms
  • Sustainable Design SolutionsEnhance your design sustainability with Molykote brand Smart Lubrication solutions from Dow Consumer Solutions. To meet key exterior design needs, these advanced specialty lubrication technologies can be custom-formulated for specified performance characteristics, regulatory standards and process requirements. Raw materials include base oils such as silicone, mineral or polyalphaolefin (PAO); solid lubricants such as molybdenum disulfide (MoS2 ) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE); thickeners such as lithium; and various performance additives to inhibit rust, resist wear or withstand extreme pressure.
    • Molykote® greases and anti-seize pastes add operating smoothness and reduce corrosion on sunroof guides, sliding door tracks and latching or locking mechanisms.
    • Molykote® anti-friction coatings speed clean assembly, ensure proper tightening and add long rust prevention when used to pre-coat threaded fasteners.

    Smart Lubrication Solutions For Other Vehicle Systems

    In addition to the Molykote brand Smart Lubrication solutions for vehicle exterior design featured in this selection guide, Dow Consumer Solutions also offers proven, effective lubricants for these vehicle systems: