EC Engineering is a railroad vehicle design and component manufacturing company located in Krakow, Poland.

For Railroads;

  •  Engineering services (EMU, DMU, Locomotives, Tram Trains, Underground Trains, High Speed Trains, Load Wagons);
  •  Component manufacturing (Pantographs, Footrests, Vacuum Toilet Systems, Wheelchair Ramps);
  •  Production line design and related component manufacturing.


We provide engineering services of complete railway vehicles or any components thereof, including:

  • Preparation of technical documentation required for tender proceedings
  • Development of vehicle concept, including external and internal design
  • Selection of key components and key suppliers and technical negotiations
  • Integration of mechanical and electrical components of the vehicle
  • Detailed 3D vehicle model
  • Full scope of CAE and analytical calculations
  • Elaboration of 2D engineering documentation
  • Preparation of complete electric documentation, for both, high and low voltage systems
  • Preparation of engineering documentation for welding and assembly tools
  • RAMS / LCC analysis
  • Fire safety analysis
  • SIL anaysis


  • Pantograph: 160EC, 200EC – EMU and Locomotives
  • Pantograph: 70EC, 120EC – Tram trains
  • Vacuum Toilet
  • Footrest
  • Wheel chair elevator and lift unit
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Complete windshield wiper unit

With our industrial solutions, we are always with you.