Polytec PT – more than just adhesives. What started as a distribution business within Polytec GmbH for specialized adhesives evolved into the founding of Polytec PT GmbH as an independent company in 2004. Over the following years, our expertise in adhesives increasingly transformed into innovative in-house products. We have become a sought-after specialist for electrically and thermally conductive adhesives and silicone-free thermal interface materials.

In June 2023, Polytec PT became part of Bostik, a global leader in smart bonding solutions, thereby joining Arkema Group, a specialty materials player creating innovative materials for a more sustainable world.

Our Product Portfolio

Our extensive range of products includes electrically and/or thermally conductive adhesives and potting compounds, UV-curing adhesives, products for high-temperature applications, and removable, thermally conductive gap fillers.

In addition to our wide standard product range, Polytec PT develops and manufactures custom adhesives tailored to each specific requirement. Just get in touch with us!

Typical Applications

Our customers use our products for various adhesive applications. Typical examples include electrical contact of electronic components (especially in the production of smart cards), encapsulation of temperature sensors, or cooling battery cells in EV and PHV vehicles.

We Are Here for You

At Polytec PT, thanks to our extensive application expertise gained from long-term collaboration with customers from various industries, plant manufacturers, and research institutes, we offer qualified support in adhesive selection and process technology. Our international customers are competently supported by the employees of our branches and sales partners in Europe and overseas.

Your trusted provider of high-performance products.