Silicone Adhesives and Sealants

Dow Silicones Corporation is a global leader and manufacturer of silicones and silicone-based technologies. To enhance performance on industrial applications, Dow Silicones globally offers its technology to meet over 25,000 customers all across the World. In 2002, the company created the Xiameter brand as an online-only distributor. As of 2011, Xiameter offers 2,100 of Dow Corning’s 7,000 products. Dow Silicones markets over 7000 products, including various sealants, adhesives, rubbers, lubricants, silicon oils, and solvents. Around 2,100 of these are available through the Dow Corning online-only distributor Xiameter, including fluids, gels, resins. The range of industries targeted by Dow Corning products spans from electronics and automotive to construction, healthcare, and others. Endustri Teknik has been representing the Dow Corning Molykote Lubricants since 1961.

Dow Silicones Corporation meets every customer’s needs nearly at all industries and globally offers life easing products and solutions for nearly over 1 billion people. Industrial components across the various industries generally must be sealed against humidity and dust, and also must prevent gas and liquid leakages.

Typical properties of Dow Corning Products:

Excellent load resistance even under extreme temperatures.
Good adhesion on all surfaces.
Wide operating temperature range (Between -60 ° C and +350 °C)
Chemically resistant against a variety of chemicals (oil, water, coolant, cleaning agent and etc.)
Provides resistance against various weather conditions (UV, ozone, oxidation)
Offers outstanding electrical properties.
Low flammability near the heat sources and low toxicity.

The main markets of Dow Silicone Corporation is as follows:

  • White appliances
    Sustainable energy sources like wind and photovoltaic energy systems
    Food industry

Some specialty products carry FDA, NSF51, NSF61 and EU certifications and comply with related regulations.

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