In its continuous research for innovation Molykote has developed a new patent Molykote™ G-9000 High Temperature Grease; this technology can change the way we think about special lubricants.

Developed on the basis of phenyl fluorine siloxane copolymers, this family of lubricants is a lower cost alternative than PFPE based lubricants (perfluoropolyether) in applications that do not require performance at extreme temperatures and where ester based lubricants are not effective enough at such high temperature

Molykote G-9000 Technical Features

  • High thermal stability through a wide temperature range (-35 to 220 ° C)
  • Compatible with the majority of plastic materials and elastomers
  • Density of 1.4 g / cm3
  • Longer application life due to high thermal and oxidative stability
  • Good corrosion resistance


With a lower specific weight and greater resistance to oxidation and high temperatures, the Molykote G-9000 series greases offer better performance in many applications. The phenyl fluorine siloxane copolymers of the Molykote G-900X group have a lower specific gravity. This means more lubrication from less material


Molykote G-900X greases can accept a wide range of additives, including corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants and AW / EP additives. This acceptance of additives allows an interesting flexibility in formulation to meet specific application requirements.