• Lubricant application story: Threaded connections
  • Market segment: Mining
  • Component/application: Threaded connections
  • Major market: Maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO)


Customer’s area of concern
Customer’s description of component

One of the first stages of the mining industry is to drill the ground. The rock-drilling machines are the ones that drill over 20 mts of rock and need a lubricant to stop seizure in the threaded connections of the pipes.

Previous solution/product previously used

Zinc-based thread compound

Operational parameters (LETS)
  • Load: High
  • Environment: Moist and dusty
  • Temperature: >200oC
  • Speed: 1,000 RPM
Process description

Before starting to drill, it is applied over the threaded connection, letting the solid lubricants act and avoiding microwelding of the connections. After this, the pipes are assembled, and drilling begins.


Customer’s critical requirements
Problem category


Problem details

The lubricant the customer was using was not suitable for the application and was not able to provide the correct protection to the threaded connections. It was a zinc-based thread compound unable to provide the correct torque when disassembled.

Root-cause analysis

Microwelding on the threaded connections due to high temperature, loads and pressure MOLYKOTE® Smart LubricationTM solution selected

Result: Our solution

MOLYKOTE® Metal Assembly Paste is not a compound or a grease; it is a lubricant paste capable of supporting extreme drilling conditions because the MoS2 and other solid lubricants can avoid microwelding in applications above 400oC, with a high load.