MOLYKOTE® P-1042 adhesive paste is a light coloured grease paste fortified with solid lubricants, designed for sliding surfaces exposed to high loads and subjected to the action of water or metalworking emulsions. With a patented formula specifically designed to adequately lubricate clamping mechanisms, MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Paste enables manufacturers to provide a constant clamping force on chucks. In addition, MOLYKOTE® P-1042 paste has no hardening problems during service.

Reliable performance while withstanding washout by water and aggressive cooling fluids

Manufacturers use increasingly aggressive cooling fluids in clamping mechanisms, such as lathe spindles, so lubricants must be highly resistant to reduce downtime and minimise relubrication cycles. This is just one of the potential applications for Molykote P-1042, due to its unique characteristics whenever you need to withstand very high loads and the presence of water or chemicals this product is the solution.

MOLYKOTE® P-1042 Adhesive Grease Paste offers:

Performance needs

  • High load-carrying capacity
  • Outstanding resistance to washout by water and metalmachining emulsions
  • Tribo-corrosion avoidance
  • Stick-slip prevention
  • Excellent protection against galling


  • Provides the desired and prolonged level of clamping force
  • Reduced downtime and re-lubrication
  • Hazard-free no risk phrases


High load-carrying capacity